Dead Sea “Nature’s living miracle”

Without a doubt the world’s most amazing place, the Jordan Rift Valley is a dramatic, beautiful landscape, which at the Dead Sea, is over 400 m (1,312 ft.) below sea level. The lowest point on the face of the Earth, this vast stretch of water receives a number of incoming rivers, including the River Jordan. […]

Aqaba “Discover the delights of Jordan’s Red Sea resort”

Jordan’s only port, Aqaba, lies on the northern tip of the Red Sea. With its wealth of other attractions, Jordan’s splendid Red Sea resort is often overlooked by modern-day visitors. But apart from being a delightful place for discerning holidaymakers, this is actually a great base from which to explore various places of interest in […]

Amman “A modern city, built on the sands of time…”

Jordan’s capital Amman – is a city of contrasts, a mixture of ancient and modern, where many civilizations left their mark. Originally Amman was built on 7 hills, but now it spreads over at least 19 hills. The oldest records refer to Amman as Rabbath-Ammon, the capital of the Ammonite Kingdom. Later on it was […]

Petra “A rose-red city half as old as time”

The giant red mountains and vast mausoleums of a departed race have nothing in common with modern civilization, and ask nothing of it except to be appreciated at their true value – as one of the greatest wonders ever wrought by Nature and Man. Although much has been written about Petra, nothing really prepares you for […]

Petra Desert Marathon celebrate its 10th anniversary on 07 of September 2019

Run back in time Challenge yourself to a desert run in historic settings! Starting in the ancient city of Petra, the Petra Desert Marathon leads runners past the incredible tombs, mountainside carvings and caves before venturing into the arid, lunar-like landscapes of the Jordanian desert. Choose the marathon, half marathon or cheer on the runners! […]