Petra Desert Marathon

“Petra Desert Marathon kicks off to promote tourism”

(The Article taken from “The Jordan Times”, you can follow the link to see more: )


“AMMAN — The fourth Petra Desert Marathon kicked off Saturday with the participation of 115 runners from 26 countries. The event, organized by the Jordanian Experience Tours in cooperation with the Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority (PDTRA), started at 6:30am from the Petra Visitors Centre and continued through Al Siq and the Treasury, according to a PDTRA statement.

Acting PDTRA Chief Commissioner Imad Hijazin said that tourism, along with its cultural and humanitarian aspects, requires everyone to suggest novel ideas that highlight Jordan’s tourist sites. Head of the marathon’s higher committee Salah Hilalat, said the event, which had 42- and 21-kilometre categories, was aimed at connecting sports with tourism and promoting the city internationally.”


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