Petra “A rose–red city, half as old as time”
Dead Sea "The Lowest Point On Earth"
Amman "A modern city built on the sands of time"
Aqaba "Discover the Delights of Jordan’s Red Sea City"
Nebo "Place where Moses was buried"
Ajloun "A timeless fusion of Nature & History"
Dana Wild Life & Natural Reserve
Desert Castles
Jerash "A Rome away from Rome"
Karak "A maze of Stone-vaulted halls and endless passageways"
Madaba "Fragments from the past are revealed in and around this famous City of Mosaics"
Ma'in - Natural Hot Springs
Umm Qais
Wadi Rum "The Valley of the Moon"
Azraq Wetland Reserve
Shawmari Reserve
Wadi Mujib
Iraq Al-Amir
As Salt
Bethany Beyond Jordan
Shawbak Castle